4 - Fine-Art Wedding Books

The wedding book is the most important thing left behind after the wedding! Whatever happened during this special day is depicted at the book. It reiterates the whole story and it's the legacy that remains for the couple, for their children and the generations ahead.

Many couples believe that a wedding book is the kitsch that they see in some store samples, with hundreds of photos stuffed in pages, ugly collages, horrible colors and backgrounds. But this is not what a wedding album is! That's just miserable taste and lack of interest for the couple.

I attribute special care to your wedding book so I design them myself. I pay meticulous attention to the details, to the accuracy of colors, to the materials used. My effort is to relive the story of the day in the most beautiful manner. A sample of the wedding books that I create can be found at my wedding photography blog.

"Wedding photography can be art,

so there is nothing less than a beautiful book

to accommodate it..."