2 - The Photographer

There is no point in talking about me... After all it's all about you, your moments, your emotions and the atmosphere of your wedding.

I entered photography being passionate about light and travel. My artwork has been featured at International magazines, in spacious interiors as art and at various publications. Enjoy my travel photography from places like Santorini, Venice & Greek islands at http://www.larios.gr

With this photographic background I thought that wedding photography was full of stereotypes, unnatural posing and predefined "clicks"... I entered wedding photography to unearth true moments. Breaking from the cliche approaches, I have a different philosophy on how Weddings should be captured. I think that moments should be captured "authentically", as they come.

I am an Electrical and Computer Engineer, PhD. I live in Athens, Greece. I am 43, married and have two kids. Excellent knowledge of Greek and English languages facilitates my communication with couples from all over the World.

I am an ASWPP - Associate Qualified Photographer from the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (London).

See my photography work. And then let's talk... I am pleased to meet you!