1 - It is all about you

Through "authentic" moments that I capture on photos, I'll make you feel how profoundly precious you are to the people around you!

I don't want to sell you a "fake dream" through cliches... You don't need to pretend you are someone else. I only care for who you really are! And how much people around you, love you!

I have been there, just like you... At my own wedding, I noticed how "stereotypical" photos failed to capture the special moments happening around! For my love for photography I decided to change that...

I capture true-life moments. I seek photos full of soul. Your wedding story is unique, so photos should reflect your true personalities and the emotions around. As a wedding photographer I work unobtrusively, combining beautiful warm light with the unique moments. Above all, I think that photography should be fun and a relaxing part of your wedding experience.

I only book a limited number of couples each year, ensuring the quality results and individual attention that they deserve. My work is performed professionally, but in an easy-going manner.

Above all, I am there for you and your beloved ones! If you seek such photos for your wedding, then do send me a message! Let's talk!