1 - Booking me

Booking me for your Wedding day

You have seen real examples of what you can expect at your own wedding.

Please visit the "book your date" section to reserve your date and send a request form. I will be contacting you with more information on how together we can create such photos for you!

Our initial meeting

At our first meeting you will get to see more authentic wedding photos, examples of fine-art wedding books and you will have the chance to select the services that you need.

I provide high-end photography services that result to complete wedding photo portfolios. But it's not only for the wedding day! We do more... (more on that at our initial meeting!)

Additionally, almost all couples select to own a precious fine-art wedding book that serves as the ultimate legacy for their unique story. New couples are also ordering beautiful canvases made from their finest wedding photos and set them up as pieces of exclusive personal art in their own living rooms!